Software Support


Although we are continually learning about new software to personalize our customer's individual needs.  We are fully experienced with all computer systems.  We also assist with many other types of software.  There are too many services out there to be able to list them all, but we will name a few of the most popular:


We service all Windows systems & Mac systems: OSX (All versions) ~ Windows 10 ~ Windows 8.1 ~ Windows 8 ~ Windows 7 Windows Vista ~ Windows Xp ~ Windows 98 & Beyond.


We also are fluent with office systems, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook and PowerPoint.   We are familiar with most Anti-Virus Software, including Norton, McAfee, Avast, and Webroot, just to name a few.  We can assist you with installations, upgrades or reinstallation of previously purchased software. 


We are proficient at recovering most email systems and setting back up the way you had it prior to a system crash.


We can assist with Password removal on systems and recovery of lost email passwords.  We can also help you create a free new email address of your choice.


We are able to recover and re-setup many types of accounting software such as:

QuickBooks, Peachtree & Sage, just to name a few.


We have also assisted business's with their CAD software programs-

Reinstallation and data recovery.