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From Virus Removal to Data Backup or Data Recovery, We are here to serve You!  We also Format systems upon request or as a last resort after a viral attack. We do Upgrades and downgrades.  Have Windows 7 or 8 and need to upgrade to Windows 10? Do you have Windows 8 but would prefer Windows 7- We can help! Do you have an older system, Windows Vista or Xp or beyond- We are still the best experts in Citrus County! We are the only servicers of Apples & Mac computers in this area.  We also do home networking including wireless printer setups.  Lightning Strike? Need an Insurance Estimate or Repair? Network card was his by lightening? We are the ones to call! 



Computer running sluggish, but no sign of a virus.  Maybe you just need a tune-up.  This service is recommended at least once a year, or when the computer is running slower than what you like.

Home Networking & Wireless Printers

Would you like to be able to transfer data with other pc's in the home? Would you like to be able to synch your p/c with your Television or other networking device? Are you having trouble with your wireless printer? We can help.

Virus Removal

We remove all Viruses. Including: Spyware, Malware, Trojans, Malicious or Overbearing Software.  With this service we can also install a free Anti-Virus and can provide the best recommends for your system.

Factory Setback

We can restore your system back to it's original factory settings.  Don't have a disc? No problem! We have software for most systems or will locate it for you!

Have data you don't want to loose? No problem! In most cases we are able to retrieve your data with littel or no cost to you.

Data Backup & Recovery

Did your system crash completely and you need your data transferred to a new pc or laptop?  We are the right specialist for the job!

Hardware & Upgrades

Did you networking card or power supply get hit by lightning and need replaced?  Do you need a Ram/Memory upgrade?  Laptop screen get cracked? We are the experts you need to call!

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