About Us -


We have been servicing Citrus County Florida for the past 10 Years.  We previously had a public storefront and were located on Gulf to Lake Hwy in Inverness.  We went mobile in 2014.  We now come to you for the same affordable prices we previously charged in our storefront.  Our Valued Customers requested In-Home services instead of disconnecting multiple wires, loading and unloading sometimes heavy equipment into and out of their cars, then reloading, bringing home, unloading and then reinstalling their system again.  If they had other issues the process had to start all over again! 

We listened to our Customers and went mobile!  For Your Convenience! We come to You!

Native to Citrus County-

Born and raised in Citrus County.  We are here to stay! We are a family owned and operated business who prides themselves on extremely professional service ~ Serving with dignity and respect!


We are Welcome Our New Residents of Citrus County and would love to help you set up your computer system and networking upon arrival.


 For those of you who are here every winter, we are happy to give you and annual check-up and tune-up when you get here in the fall.  


Service calls are by appointment at your convenience! Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm.  Saturday appointments are available upon request with an additional fee.  We are always closed on Sundays.


You are very important to us! Let us be your trusted service provider starting today!